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Genre/Form Task Force

The Subject Access committee is working with the Library of Congress and LC representative Geraldine Ostrove to plan a project for implementing genre/form headings in the field of music.  Genre/form terms (MARC codes 155/655) are being used in the areas of moving images and radio programs. MLA and LC are discussing ways of distributing workflow for the volume of headings included in the music field.  Proposed projects include a SACO Music Funnel project and/or a SACO Genre/Form funnel (in conjunction with ALA/ALCTS/CCS/Subject Analysis Committee)  Current status of genre/form for music can be found in the most recent conference and annual reports of the Subject Access Subcommittee. 


The MLA-BCC Genre/Form Task Force will review the genre/form and medium of performance lists posted by the LC Policy and Standards Division (PSD) on their genre/form website.  The group will suggest additional terms from LCSH, from other established lists (e.g., the MLA Types of Composition list, the Ethnographic Thesaurus), and from reference sources.  Suggestions for genre/form and medium of performance terms will also be solicited from the MLA membership at large.  The Task Force will vet the terms suggested by its members and by the MLA membership and will forward these terms on to PSD for possible inclusion in the genre/form and medium of performance lists. The second phase of the project will include working with PSD to establish syndetic structures for each list and to collaborate on coding and other issues, including making MARBI proposals if necessary.  The final phase of the project will involve establishing training procedures, both for creation of genre/form/medium authority records and for practical application of the new terminology.  


Nancy Lorimer (Chair)
Ralph Hartsock
Caitlin Hunter
Marty Jenkins
Mark McKnight
Casey Mullin
Thomas Pease
Karen Peters
Sheila Torres-Blank
Hermine Vermeij

The Music Genre/Form/Medium Project public wiki is available at:


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Last updated September 10, 2013